Weddings & Parties


Wedding Halls and Venues

Evoma is a 4-star wedding venue in Bangalore, where we have everything that you need for a dream wedding.
We have indoor and outdoor venues of different sizes for wedding ceremonies, receptions and parties. Select one our Bangalore event venues based on the kind of wedding or party, size, and the seating arrangement required...Read more.

Catering for Wedding Receptions

Dining is a guilty pleasure at Evoma, with dishes prepared and served by our award-winning celebrity chefs. Catering for wedding receptions is handled in the same meticulous manner that food is served in our 4-star luxury hotel restaurants. Our kitchen handles the food and drinks for hundreds of guests at large wedding feasts, as well as customized buffet spreads for intimate functions for your family and friends.


Mandaps and wedding hall decorations, stage setup and lighting, hotel rooms for the couple and all the guests, catering, flower arrangements, parking and restrooms, seating for guests, DJ, band, and everything else is handled smoothly. All you have to do is bring the Baraat.


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