Event management software for planning your events

We have a dozen Bangalore event venues of different capacities, for corporate as well as family events, that bring hundreds of people to Evoma every day. In order to go off smoothly, each event has to be planned far ahead of time. Everything from the parking to security, catering and seating arrangements need to be carefully managed to optimize use of event space and convenience of attendees. We work with event…

 October 30, 2018  evomauser

Startup Success Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

The odds of success as a startup or new small business are low enough as it is. Only half are still in business after five years, and 70-80% will be history within 10 years. If you’re a female-owned startup, then the numbers are even more dismal. What can you do to even these odds? You can start by doing all the usual things, but startups founded and run by women…

 September 22, 2018  evomauser

Growth Hacks for Growing Your Business Uninterrupted

The term “growth hacks” has become so much of a buzz word that it tends to be used even for normal business processes. But if you look at it closely, a hack requires a certain level of innovation that gives you an edge and puts you ahead of the competition. At Evoma, we have our share of such…

 August 29, 2018  evomauser

7 Things Startup Mentors at Evoma Can Do for Founders

Evoma has commercial business centers where you can get office space for rent in Bangalore. But startups, especially entrepreneurs with an idea or early stage venture, will go towards facilities, services and technical assistance that they need. Grow your Startup at Evoma Call now: 08041903000 or

 August 20, 2018  evomauser

Independence Day Special – Titans of Business India

Seventy two years after’s India’s tryst with destiny, we’re still making history as the world’s largest democracy. The freedom and rights you get are not just for people, but also applies to business. As part of the leadup to the Independence Day celebrations at Evoma, we’re publishing this post highlighting the titans of Business India who have made such good use of the Independence to do business that the Republic…

 August 13, 2018  evomauser

Interview Preparation Tips for Employers

In the previous post, we looked at how to conduct new employee induction programs. In this post, I want to take a step back and look at all the ways in which employers can prepare to make a round of interviews a big success. In addition to being a Bangalore event venue for conferences, meetings and training sessions, Evoma also provides interview rooms for recruitment drives by corporate customers and…

 August 6, 2018  evomauser

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