What is AI? Wakeup Call for Industries and Supply Chains

This is an excerpt of a presentation on the impact of artificial intelligence on different industries and jobs, by customer experience management company Lucep Technologies CEO and Cofounder Kaiesh Vohra. Let’s start with a breakdown of what is artificial intelligence, and then we’ll look at how it’s being applied in different verticals. What is AI? “The basics of AI is very simple. You must be able to encode the world…

 December 26, 2017  Dolly

101 Business Travel Tips

Business travel is particularly fruitful in terms of the ROI, and it’s a good way to combine business with leisure. Traveling for meetings, events and conferences is a refreshing break from business as usual, and you get to do a lot more business than you do at home. But it can take a toll on anyone, even the most hardened frequent flyers and road warriors.

 December 13, 2017  Dolly

New Year Resolutions for 2018

The year is coming to a close, so it’s time to set the agenda for the next year. You know your business better than anyone else, so I’m not going to try and tell you how to run it better. Just take a look at these New Year resolutions for 2018. Pick a few or all of them and…

 December 8, 2017  Dolly

25 Team Building Exercises for Corporate Retreats

As a corporate retreat in Bangalore, we host companies and their staff virtually every day for meetings and conferences, training sessions, induction programs for new employees, and team building exercises that combine business with leisure.     We’ve learnt from all these clients that team building activities must not only be educational, but…

 December 1, 2017  Dolly

How to Raise Funding Through SME Exchange

The number of SMEs in India is now estimated to be at 42.50 million, and accounts for 16% of bank lending. This formal and other informal SME lending mechanisms are the most commonly availed SME financing types. However, there is a much better way to do it – SME exchanges that enable SMEs to raise more and flexible collateral-free funding…

 November 24, 2017  Dolly

Office Space Predictions for 2018

One of the things we have to do as part of our job providing office space for rent in Bangalore is to listen to our SMEs, startups and enterprise customers. They’re very astute and successful business leaders who have a keen sense of what’s in store for their business in the next year and beyond. Based on these ongoing conversations, here’s a few business predictions for 2018 that might help…

 November 18, 2017  Dolly

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