Board Rooms

EVOMA is a pioneer of the serviced office space sector in Bangalore, with business centres offering professional services for SMEs, startups and corporate branch locations.

We have high-end boardrooms for corporate board meetings and client presentations, designed to facilitate every need of your business.


Book a board room and focus on your meeting agenda. Evoma will handle the rest, including tech support, AV equipment, tea or coffee and refreshments, catered meals, executive suites for accommodations, pickups for your meeting attendees, and all your other needs.

Our board rooms can accommodate up to 14 people, with plush executive seating, air-conditioning, complete privacy, and world class video and audio conferencing facilities.


The people who attend board meetings tend to be those who are used to getting things done fast and efficiently, and they demand the best in everything. When you have a board of directors gathered in a room, it has to be perfect – the ambience, comfort, lighting, acoustics, seating arrangements, presentation tools and technology, and the service.

evoma board room

At Evoma, we’re used to handling these top guns who gather everyday for making decisions that decide the fates of companies large and small, kick off new projects, and approve expenses that pay for the salaries of thousands of workers who are part of the Bangalore corporate, SME and startup ecosystems.

evoma board room

We know what they like when they are driven in and stop in front of the entrance, where our security guard opens the car door and welcomes them in with a smile. Professional reception staff greet them with personalized warmth and direct them straight to the board room.

Once inside, the luxurious and dark hue of the chairs contrasts with the pristine white tablecloth and the solid and polished wood of the round-table they sit around.

The board meeting must begin immediately, but there’s beverages, cookies and water available for those who need a quick bite before you start. Meetings must start on time, run like clockwork, and end perfectly on-time, as scheduled and with decisions made that the board is responsible for.

To aid this clockwork precision, Evoma provides skilled staff to assist you with audio-visual equipment. A large television screen on the wall can be connected to the laptops of those giving presentations, and every one of those seated will have a clear view of both the screen and the person giving the presentation. A camera on a tripod in the middle of the roundtable or in any corner of the room can record the board meeting and minutes.


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