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Coworking spaces in Bangalore Now 32 percent of Total in India

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A couple of days ago, I saw an interesting statistic above the headline in the Times of India1. It said coworking spaces in Bangalore now account for 32 percent of all the spaces in the country, more than Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi. Photo…

 July 23, 2018  evomauser

Why it’s Easier to Market a Coworking Space

coworking startups scaling

There’s a lot of difference between commercial office space, serviced offices and coworking spaces, when it comes to marketing them and filling up your empty seats. Office space depends hugely on the location and the rate per square feet in that area. Apart from the location, the success of serviced offices also depends on the facilities, features and…

 May 9, 2018  evomauser

Travel Accessories for Coworking Digital Nomads

travel accessories for coworking

We have posts on this blog about what you need to bring with you when you need to cowork while traveling. But this one is for the digital nomad, who wants to continue working while sitting on a beach in Goa, on the way to a business conference in Singapore, or a coworking space in Bangalore. Business travelers, startup founders,…

 December 20, 2017  evomauser

Why Bangalore Startups Are Not Ready to Cowork


We have a lot of posts on all the good things about coworking and it’s benefits for startups and others who want to run a lean operation without any non-essential overheads. But the hard truth is that a large number of the startups located at our centres in Bangalore don’t want to give up their office and become coworkers. In…

 June 16, 2017  evomauser

Top 10 Workspace Solutions for Space Providers


Evoma has 4 large business centers in Bangalore offering shared office spaces for hundreds of member companies, along with one coworking space in Whitefield. It’s impossible to manually manage all the facilities and services being provided to our members across these multiple locations. A lot of the workspace management for each of our centers has been…

 May 19, 2017  evomauser

Coworking India Spaces Grow Fast to Keep Pace With Startup Boom

coworking community

The Indian growth story is happening, and happening big. Whether it is FDI inflow or GDP or the number of new businesses being launched every year, all the benchmarks are pointing towards huge economic growth for India in this decade. Startups, MSMEs…

 April 1, 2017  evomauser

5 Freelancer Problems That Coworking Spaces Can Solve

Freelancers coworking

The world of freelancers and freelancing is growing huge and powerful. This self-motivated pool of entrepreneurs and professionals in the workforce has managed to successfully shed negative perceptions. Freelancing is now considered as a hip and cool career option for trendy millennials, and that’s why it’s now progressing to the next level. An increasing number of freelancers…

 March 25, 2017  evomauser

Studies Highlight Community as Secret of Cowork Success

Evoma coworking community - office space for rent in Whitefield

One of the good things about spending time in Evoma’s coworking space in Bangalore is that you get to meet and talk with coworkers who have personally used shared spaces in many cities. It’s amazing to watch them set up their stuff and get to work.

 March 18, 2017  evomauser

The Coworking Space Bangalore Startups Need For Scaling Fast

coworking startups scaling

One of the things we do to improve our coworking space in Bangalore is to get regular feedback from coworkers. It’s not a feedback form, but actual conversation with coworkers that tells us what they like, what irks them, and what would really help them grow their business. The one thing that keeps coming up repeatedly in these conversations…

 March 10, 2017  evomauser

Six Desired Features in Coworking Space for Startups

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How do startups select a good coworking space in Bangalore? Location matters, obviously. That’s why the Evoma Business Centres offering serviced offices for SMEs, startups and corporate branches in Bangalore are located strategically in Whitefield, EPIP Zone, Marathahalli – Outer Ring Road, and in K.R. Puram on Old Madras Road. But when it comes to coworking, there’s a lot…

 March 4, 2017  evomauser

How Bangalore Coworking Hub Reduces Office Rent and Costs

Coworking Costs

In this article, I’m going to crunch some numbers and show you exactly how much money a Bangalore coworking hub can save for you in rent and costs. Selecting a prime location for business in Bangalore is one of the most important things you have to do when starting a new business,…

 February 28, 2017  evomauser

Top 10 Coworking Bangalore Etiquette Tips

coworking etiquette tips

Coworking space is a boon and refreshing change for work from home professionals, freelancers and startups, but one bad apple can quickly spoil the whole barrel. In this case, what it means is that you need to follow certain clearly spelled out  rules and also some unwritten ones that you can label as etiquette. What we…

 February 20, 2017  evomauser

Bangalore Coworking Spaces Create New Startup Ecosystems

coworking startup ecosystem

Every metro city in India wants to be the next Silicon Valley, but it’s only happening at the scale needed in Bangalore, which is the only Asian city apart from Singapore in the world’s top 20 startup ecosystems listed by San Francisco-based Compass in their most recent Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. If you want factual…

 February 13, 2017  evomauser

Coworking Trends and Statistics Infographic

coworking trends and statistics

At the Evoma coworking space in Bangalore, we go by our motto of “Why work when you can cowork.” But if you’re wondering why cowork, the answer is laid out clearly in the coworking trends and statistics infographic below.  

 January 21, 2017  evomauser

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