The Fun Side of the Hospitality Business – 300Kg Cake Mixing

The Evoma OMR Business Center is part of a large event venue that houses four restaurants and a 4-star business hotel. We have hundreds of staff working in the premises, and it’s a serious business most of the time.

But hospitality also has its lighter moments, and we grab such opportunities eagerly. One such annual and highly entertaining event is our 300kg massive Christmas cake mixing, also known as “fruit soaking” where the liquor flows freely.

hotel evoma bangalore cake mixing

The 50kg cake mix of cashew nuts, tutti-frutti and all kinds of fruits is soaked in 50 litres of rum, whiskey and all kinds of well-known alcoholic drinks.

evoma christmas spirits VAT69

evoma christmas spirits Director's Special

All the kitchen staff was there to take advantage of this photo op, led by the dashing and famed celebrity Chef Anver Zaki.

evoma hotel bangalore kitchen crew

evoma christmas cake mixing chef zaki

Even some of the hotel guests joined in, participating in the fruit mixing. See the youngest star of the event, getting her hands into the mix.

evoma cake mix young star

The soaked fruit mix has to be set aside for over a month so that it imbibes the smell and taste of the spirits, and then we make Christmas Cake out of it in December – 300 KG of Christmas cake.

Evoma’s Christmas cake mixing is so famous that it gets covered by the local media and TV channels.

If you want a slice of this most famous and special cake in Bangalore, call us or email or come on down to Evoma in person for a taste at The Courtyard Restaurant.

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 November 16, 2018  evomauser

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