Too Busy to Think About Growth? Attend MSME and Startup Biz Summit 01

Yomillio Startups Club Biz Summit at Evoma

As one of the top office space providers in Bangalore, Evoma aims to provide value that’s way beyond just real estate for SMEs, startups and corporate branch offices.

Evoma workspace Bangalore health fitnessOne of the value-adds that we looked at offering to members was assistance with growth – digital marketing, lead generation, business support and other ways in which Evoma startups could grow faster then their competition outside.

We met some resistance, in part because a lot of our members are too busy to think about growth. The most common objection we heard was that they had no time to work with the digital marketing team on website optimization and SEO, or even to respond to leads in new markets where they did not have a presence.

The problem is that SMEs in India are still limited by geography – they guard their own market by spending all their time and resources on it, and ignore opportunities for growth because keeping their existing customer base happy is priority No.1.

This is perfectly understandable and commendable, but you don’t have to sacrifice growth opportunities even when you’re too busy to think about anything except your daily schedule to run your business. Here’s a few ways to scale your business without having to stretch your resources.

1. First thing you can do is attend the Biz Summit 01 conference that is scheduled for Nov 4 at Evoma OMR, KR Puram, Bangalore. 

Address: 14, Bhattarahalli, Old Madras Road, Besides Pashmina Waterfront, K R Puram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560049; Phone: 080 4190 3000

It’s a free event for MSMEs, startups and businesses in the 0-6 year growth stage. Connect with panelists, expert speakers and veterans who can act as mentors and help you build and grow your business.

It’s a free event with panels, expert speakers, workshops and presentations about how startups and SMEs in the 0-6 year growth stage can work with each other to complement strengths and grow faster together.

Yomillio Startups Club Biz Summit at Evoma2. As a followup to the event, join Yomillio. It’s a business networking group for MSMEs, startups and consultants. They can handle all your growth challenges very quickly and with a minimum amount of time and effort required on your part.

Why join Yomillio business networking group

3. Outsource non-core business functions. If you’re too busy (which is quite common for SME owners and startup founders), then you’re trying to do all the work yourself. If you want to make time for business growth, then study your business process and make a list of all the functions that you can outsource.

For example, you could be doing your own accounting and book keeping, inventory, logistics, packaging, etc. Business networks such as Yomillio above can help you find competent business partners for each of these functions. Outsource all but the most essential capabilities that you need to keep in-house.

In fact, doing this has helped several Evoma members reduce their costs while gaining the time and resources needed to focus on growth. 


 October 5, 2017  evomauser

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